everything earth friendly

A leaf falls from the tree, to tend the soil it shall grow from...
— Eava, 2015

The Idea

A shopping experience that removes ethical compromise, and takes into account the artistic and cultural love affair of your eye.

Eava will stock only products that are actively made by sustainable methods in ethical conditions:  

This means materials used can be sourced or produced in harmony with our natural environment today and into the future; where we can live within our means on earth.  

It also means that those people and animals that were involved in making the products were treated with care, empathy and respect in a mutually beneficial manner.

Eava will also supply you with amazing artistic content and cultural exposure - because visual luxuries please the mind too.

Style & Quality

It is with great pride that we have formed connections with our brands, and it is in mutual agreement and trust that we work with each other.

I have confidence in the commitment to design, style, ethical practices and quality of all our stocked brands.  

And these brands have confidence in my commitment to the earth, its inhabitants and to  offering style and quality to our clients.

If you have a product line that suits our ethos, or you know of one you would like to add to shop within Eava, please contact me with some details.  

We will be creating new additions with all your favourite ethical brands and products.  You will soon be shopping everything in the one place, and conveniently receive them bundled at your door.


Eava is working on a party planning scheme.  We all like schemes.... and we also like to touch, smell, admire, try-on and... generally we love to shop!

Whilst building up our business to moving into a brick-and-mortar store, we will offer samples of our products to you at parties.  You will know what you have ordered, before it arrives - and often before it is even available in the stores.  Our pre-order parties let you see, buy and then receive your purchase to your door within a few days, a week or a few.  As look books can be shown for upcoming collections, you can have the items made for you and on you before anyone knows about it!  All with a little added party-fun!

Contact me to book a party, and offer yourself and your friends the best shopping experience ever!